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7 Senses Foundation is a not-for-profit endevour with the aim to create healthier and happier neighbourhoods and communities that include people of all abilities and wellness, and cultivate activity and play.

We believe that the 7 Senses approach is a simple tool to make this happen and champion the idea of the 7 Senses by educating built environment professionals, community leaders, and residents on the benefits of creating environments that engage all 7 human senses.

The 7 Senses Street Day is an annual event that transforms residential streets into temporary community spaces that engage our 7 senses and improve our daily environment.

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Our Team


Tobias Volbert, Founder and Spokesperson

National Business Development Manager, Playscape Creations

Tobias is a landscape architect and open space planner passionate about sustainability, permaculture and inclusive design.

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Linda Cupitt, Founder and Manager

Lead Consultant and Director, Miovvn Consulting

Linda is a business and communications consultant, specialising in the management of not-for-profit organisations and community development projects.

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