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Any day in November 2016

Bringing the common sense back to our community.

The 7 Senses Day is an annual event that transforms spaces into fun temporary community places that engage our 7 senses and improve our daily environment.

The Day events are organised by active community members who believe that a 7 Senses approach would enhance their street environment and improve their local community.

The temporary spaces created on the Day are hubs of activity and demonstrate safe, fun, engaging possibilities for our public places for all ages and abilities.

The Day also brings much needed attention to the issues of isolation and restriction experienced by many people in our community, and showcases the many small, cost effective interventions could be implemented to overcome these barriers for participation.


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What is a “7 Senses Street”?

A ‘7 Senses Street’ is, quite simply, any street that considers our seven human senses and is designed to engage, enhance and excite those senses.  It’s a street where car transit isn’t the primary purpose of the street, rather the street acts as a connector and enabler, bringing interaction and play to all who live and work there.

Why is engaging the 7 Senses important?  Increasingly, there is an understanding about lack of nature and play experienced by children in their suburban and urban environments.  Additionally, the growing rates of disability will see approximately 25% of our population experience disability by 2030.  This will have a significant impact on the quality of life of those individuals, their families and their carers.

A 7 Senses approach is more holistic and inclusive design approach that better caters for the range of current and emerging disability and neurodiversity within our population.

The 7 Senses approach also seeks to increase the opportunity for play, engagement with nature, and inclusivity with neighbours.

For more information on the importance of sensory based design, see our Supporting Research page. 

To understand the range of sensory based disability, download our 7 Senses Street Day – Sensory Quick Facts.