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1398719_1418228681743769_904212949_oOur Vision

Our vision is to create healthier and happier neighbourhoods and communities that include people of all abilities and wellness, and cultivate activity and play.

We believe that the 7 Senses approach is a simple tool to make that happen.


Our Aims

1.  Promote the importance of sensory engagement in daily life and the benefits using sensory focused design.

2. Work alongside community to demand improved design and planning of our public spaces such as streets, parks and schools.

3. Educate design professionals on embedding the 7 Senses design framework for improved outcomes.

4.  Advocate for built environment design being developed through inter-disciplinary approach of health and community professionals working alongside design professionals.

5.  Champion change in the regulations and policies to extend past mobility accessibility and consider a greater scope of neurodiversity and disability.


7 Senses Day

The 7 Senses Day is an annual event that temporarily transforms a range of public and private spaces into places that engage our 7 senses and improve our daily environment.

Events are initiated and organised by active community members who believe that a 7 Senses approach would enhance the built environment and improve their local community outcomes.

The temporary transformations focus on bringing sensory activities suitable for all abilities to the space, and in doing so highlight the need for improved engagement and inclusion opportunities for our communities.